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Internet Marketing How Do You Find Your Niche?

Click here to Power List MarketingFinding the proper Niche in which to show your product or services can often be a huge challenge, for the new as well as seasoned business owners, when it comes to online marketing. In most cases a near miss can be as good as a mile. I am not an expert at this in any way and have learned through trial and error over a long time, that which works  best for me. Guerrilla Marketing, 4th edition: Easy and Inexpensive Strategies for Making Big Profits from Your Small Business 

Sometimes I think that we become our own worst enemy, when it comes to personal success and obtaining the lofty goals in which we set for ourselves! My medicine women mother once told me, "Keep It Simple! Don't always over complicate things for yourself! Try setting small goals at first. You can use each new achievement as a springboard to the next one, until you get to where it is you plan on going!"

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I didn't realize it then but I do now! She was a truly amazing lady! She knew in her own great wisdom, that sometimes we must learn to walk before we try to run. Sometimes we are in such a big hurry to get where we want to be, that we take shortcuts along the way. We throw caution to the wind and don't take the proper steps needed to be successful! We become like leaves in the wind, being pushed along in all directions, at the mercy of the wind which blows! In other words,we lose control of our goals because we failed to follow a well planned and set map to success.
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Niche Marketing is extremely beneficial as well as profitable. In these blogs I deal with endless subject matter which, in turn can and does earn me the money. I deal with online stores. So now I must ask myself these questions. Who am I hoping to get visiting my site? How do I plan to get them to visit? Who do I target? Where can I find the Holy Grail of prospective customers?
How do I keep them returning time and time again?
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The answers are not always cut and dried or simple for the most part. However in this case, at least for me they are. It was as if someone turned on the radio switch inside my head and it became crystal clear what I needed to do!40mm Crystal Ball Prisms #701-40
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Nearly 90% of Internet traffic is comprised of people searching for products to buy online! Well folks, I just found my niche and so have you! There's a ton of different ways in which to attract a steady flow of traffic to your site. Some use paid ads, while others used paid per click advertising, the list goes on and on!The Truth About Pay-Per-Click Search Advertising Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing: An Hour a Day I have used a good many of these and some of them work well. Nonetheless, I prefer the old way of doing things! I remember what my mother told me. "KEEP IT SIMPLE"!

Writing great articles is an excellent start! The search engines almost always pick up on the higher quality articles and placement in the search engines is very critical. The higher your ranking in the search engine ratings, the better placement you have for your articles as well as site or home of your creative master pieces. This gives you and your site as well as business a huge leg up on the competition. The search engines can be liken to a GPS. Garmin nüvi 1350LMT 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator with Lifetime Map & Traffic Updates
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This means lots of continuous traffic to your site or online articles. The larger amounts of traffic in turn brings with it higher views, more link clicks and ultimately a higher percentage of purchases. You need to look at your articles as well as your blogs or websites like diamonds in the rough! The more you polish them, the more priceless they'll become! This will mean steady profitable residual income in the long run!
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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Eyes of Orion The Prologue

    Sina sat in her chair, in front of the fireplace inside the cabin. She stared deeply into the glowing embers. She watched as the fresh log she placed earlier upon the smoldering coals ignited into flames. Reaching over to the small oak table beside her, she retrieved the bright red velvet colored book, which rest upon its smooth surface. She opened the cover and began to read the words she recorded over the years inside the pages of her diary.
    “My beloved Selleon, you live forever in my heart. Not one moment of each long day goes by without my thoughts of you. I can feel you in my dreams and taste the sweetness of your lips upon my mouth. I still feel your flesh against my breast and your breath upon my skin. I can’t bear the thought of you being gone! My only escape from this endless torture is in the legacy, which you have left behind!”
    “I can feel our child kicking inside my womb! He shall be strong like his father! My father and the elders of middle earth have counseled me concerning this pregnancy. I have been told that I’ve brought shame to the family name and now I must be shun by all which are elfin! It is considered to be a sin to have relations before marriage! It is a sin to marry one that is not pure elfin too!”

    “I have decided to leave Middle Earth and build a home beside the lake in the mountains north of here. I chose the place where we first met! It is beautiful there beside the sparkling clear waters. Sean and Selena have agreed to help me build our new home. In this place of our first meeting, I shall raise our child alone and free of those, which live in Middle Earth!”

The soft rapping upon the wooden door of the cabin startled Sina, who was deep in thought! She went and opened the door. It was Selena, the sister of her heart. Selena could sense that she had startled her. She hugged her gently as she smiled warmly at her.
    “I didn’t mean to startle you Sina. Are you OK? I passed Sylvar on the trail a few moments ago. I asked after you and he said your dreams have returned! Has the Chamomile tea I prescribe and the Lavender soaks helped in any way?” She inquired.

“Your son is a spitting image of his father! Gabriella is drawn to him like a moth to a flame! I think it’s his rugged build, long curly blond hair and silver eyes. My daughter tells me he is intelligent beyond his time, just like his father was. Sylvar spends much of his free time when visiting her and Gabriel in the science archive inside the underground city. He is very worried about your reoccurring dreams! Sylvar has told my daughter that he has recently begun to dream the exact same dreams as you in every way! Are you aware of this?” She asked.
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    “No my son does not confide in me concerning his feelings! He stays away and waits till he thinks that I am sleeping, before returning home. I fear he is pulling away from me!” Sina sobbed.
    “I think you may have misjudged your son. It may well be, that he doesn’t wish to add to the burdens which you already carry within you Sina. He loves you with all his heart and has come to me personally and asked me about a healer, which lives deep inside the forest far away from here. He has asked me to take you to her. Will you agree to go with me and seek her out?” Selena asked.

    Sylvar entered the secret passageway, which led from the science archives in the underground city to middle earth. He was use to being treated as a nonentity by most of those which dwelled in his grandfather’s small village. He pulled his cloak over his head, concealing his identity, as he walked among the elfin community on his way to his grandfather’s home. He had to speak with him, concerning the dreams he now shared with his mother. Perhaps his grandfather would have the answers as to what was happening to him.
    Izic Eli was busy scribing words upon a piece of parchment paper. He looked up from where he sat, as Sylvar opened the door. A smile formed on his face, as he stood up and came toward him. He seemed excited as always to see young Sylvar. His grandfather hugged him and began to speak.
    “This is indeed a great pleasure Sylvar! I am always delighted to see my grandson! What brings you to middle earth? Is everything going well at home? You look tired and distraught! How is your mother?” He asked.
    “I worry about mother! Her dreams have returned yet again! Grandfather, she needs your help! She will not ask you for it! She has grown bitter and withdrawn inside! Will you come home with me and talk to her? I fear she may be losing her mind!” Sylvar replied.

    “No! It is forbidden! I can’t go see her! She broke the laws of our kind! She must return to Middle Earth and seek forgiveness for her sins! She must admit to them before I can help her! You don’t understand our laws! Sina has refused to teach you the elfin ways! I love your mother with all my heart! Nevertheless, I cannot bend or change the laws of the elfin race to accommodate her!” His grandfather retorted.
Raksasha Sylvar whispered, as he stared deep into his grandfather’s eyes.

    “It pains me to see you upset like this grandson. We have both talked about this time and time again! It always ends badly for the two of us! Why have you really come to see me? Why are you so distraught? Something has change inside you! I can see it in your eyes and feel it in your heart! Tell me! What is really troubling you Sylvar!” Izic asked, as he gently squeezed his shoulders.
    “Mother’s dreams have become mine.” His grandson replied.
    Sylvar saw the shocked look of surprise on his grandfather’s face, as well as in his eyes. Izic quickly hid his emotions from him! Nevertheless, he still saw it. He also felt it. He had somehow managed to strike a nerve! His grandfather’s response to what he had said was spontaneous and it showed itself before he could hide it!
“What is it grandfather? You seem upset.” He asked.
    “Oh it’s nothing. Don’t concern yourself with it! I just forgot for a moment, that I need to be somewhere else! The Elders called a meeting to discuss some community matters on an important issue. You are welcome to stay if you wish. We can talk more about your dream sharing once I return if you like.” He responded quickly, as he walked past him to the door.


    “I would like that. But, perhaps another time? I have plans for the next few days with some of my friends. We’re going hiking and camping in the forest of Caledonia. I plan to check in with mom and then head out. I love you granddad!” Sylvar called out as his grandfather exited through the open door.

    Deep within the forest of Caledonia, far away from the prying eyes of strangers, an old woman sits upon the moss covered ground, beside a babbling stream. She holds in her withered up hands a glowing gem stone. She is not any ordinary woman! She is not a witch either! No, she is much, much more than that. She is the ancient one! Oracle to the all powerful Gods! Her name is … Dodona!
    She is not waiting here in the forest by chance. She is here to bring forth an ancient prophecy long forgotten by the gods of old! She is waiting for eight special children.  Three, which are gods. These three are even more powerful then Zeus and Odin! They just don’t know it yet! The other five are the glue, which will bind them all together as one! A new generation of Gods is coming and with them, justice for all! Maybe even for her…
Follow along in the next episode of ‘Chronicles of Sean O’Conner…

Herbal Tea

  Echinacea Tea:  Echinacea has been widely used as an immune stimulant to expedite the process of getting well. Echinacea is used to strengthen the immune system by promoting the formation of T-cells and phagocytosis. It has also been used for many years as an aid for those suffering with acne, congestion, wounds, tonsillitis, bronchitis, ear infections and psoriasis.

Fennel Tea:  This herbal tea has been used by cultures around the world since the dawning of time to aid those suffering with loss of appetite, to relieve stomach cramps and to soothe sore throats as well as coughs too.

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Green Tea:  This herbal tea has become extremely popular in our modern day society and is often used as a means to improve circulation, lower high blood sugar, to fight the flu virus, lower blood cholesterol, offers strong antibacterial effects and contains strong antioxidant which is used for cleansing the body.Kirkland Signature Ito En Matcha Blend (Green Tea), 100% Japanese Green Tea Leaves, 100 Tea Bags

Nettle Tea:  This tea is extremely high in vitamins C and A, helps to cleanse the blood as well as improve the kidney and liver functions in the human body.

Always:  check with your family doctor before starting any new regiment or treatments.
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Hawthorn Tea:  My mother used this herbal tea when treating patients quite often with a great amount of success. She used it to help regulate blood sugar, to cleanse the blood and to stimulate the liver and its many functions in her patients.
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Lemon Balm Tea:  Is an exceptional nerve relaxant, helps to lift the spirits and works well to relieve stomach disorders. She would use it for seven days, twice daily and then discontinue its use for fourteen days before starting again. I asked her why she did this. Her answer was always the same…

“Young one, The tea is not harmful to the human condition but as with all things great and small, the human body also needs rest. It is the way I was taught by my mother, so in turn I do it too!”
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